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White Gold Ring With Fancy Colored Diamond Rings - Sofia Jewelry
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Novel Collection

18 Karat White Gold Ring With Fancy Yellow Diamond


Sofia Jewelry is proud to have beautiful jewelry from the Novel Collection in our catalog. Novel Collection is a natural color diamond specialist. It is a privately held organization of companies owned by the Mashiah family. They are one of the innovators of the Israeli gemstone and diamond industries. Novel Collection is a well-known leader and founder in the color diamond business. They are involved throughout the gemstone and diamond supply chain – from sourcing rough one, through cutting-and-polishing in their factory, jeweler design, production, and finally to sales on five continents.

Novel Collection is a natural fancy color diamond leader. That means they have only diamonds whose colors are an impact of the natural procedures happening in the Earth when the diamonds are created. They do not have artificially gleamed or colored diamonds. Feel royal, feel special when you own this jewelry.

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