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Moritz Glik

Marquise Diamond Shaker Enamel Ring


Sofia Jewelry presents carefully chosen jewelry pieces from Mortiz Glik’s designer collection. Every design of this collection is intensely inspired by fine art and classical architecture. Moritz Glik is a New York-based jewelry designer who blends traditional techniques with a playful, aesthetic sense. Moritz Glik has won The Couture Show’s Best Diamond Piece Award two times continuously in 2009 & 2010. In 2016, InStyle magazine’s Inaugural InDesign Award for Diamond Design awarded the designer the honors. Glik’s designs grab lots of attention as many glamorous personalities like Nicole Kidman, Justin Bieber, and Michelle Obama have worn these stylish jewelry pieces.

Sofia has Glik’s signature design, every piece itself is an object of beauty. It becomes alive as the lady-like you wear it. Buy jewelry from this collection and feel like a celebrity.

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