Who is the Best Diamond Jewelry Buyer for Customized Design Selection?

The best buyer to Buy Best Diamond Jewelry for customized design selection online. For Customized Designed Diamond Jewelry shopping is exciting but it can also be slightly overwhelming.

There are so many options to choose from, and it's not exactly the same as scrolling through the new arrivals sections of your favorite retailers. What's more, an Diamond Jewelry is a huge investment and one you'll want to research before you buy.

The good news? Online shopping has made it incredibly easy to find your dream Customized Diamond Jewelry.

But, before you can figure out where you should buy your engagement ring from, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

What style of Diamond ring is right for you? Timeless, vintage, modern? Do you want a natural diamond? If so, you'll need to consider the cut—round, radiant, oval, emerald, square, or marquise?
Perhaps you want a more affordable alternative like a lab-grown diamond? Or, maybe a white sapphire, morganite, or moissanite stone? Are you into the idea of a classic setting? Or, would you instead prefer to work directly with a designer to create a one-of-a-kind ring? And perhaps the biggest question—what is your budget?

No matter your style, the retailers below offer something special for every bride-to-be. Read on for the best places to buy customized Diamond Jewelry online.


Sofia Jewelry is Mill Valley’s destination jewelry store. The store’s successes started with Carl and Susan Priolo Lucas and Sophie.

We believe jewelry is meant to be worn and celebrated. We offer services including custom creations, fabricating new designs from your heritage pieces and expert Diamond jewelry repair. Our showroom offers an exceptional selection of hand curated, bespoke pieces. From the Sofia Collection, to various renowned artists, you will be sure to find something unique for every occasion and every celebration.

Sofia Jewelry

Sofia Jewelry is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry and a pioneer in the online Customized Diamond Jewelry, business, launching over 26 years ago in 1994. Bringing high-quality diamonds directly to consumers, Sofia Jewelry carries thousands of independently-certified diamonds to choose from and guarantees a great value on every stone purchased by eliminating the “middleman.” As a result, prices are significantly less than traditional retail. To wit, the brand stands by a Diamond Price-Match Guarantee for customers.

Special Services

Sofia Jewelry is all about letting customers control the jewelry shopping process, whether you choose to use the “Customized Diamond Jewelry” feature, shop the “Ready-to-Ship” ring collection, or want to buy a loose stone. The brand provides expert guidance with in-depth educational materials and unique online tools so customers can feel confident in their purchase. The brand has 24/7 customer service and Sofia Jewelry has introduced Make an appointments for those interested in learning more from their own home. If in-person guidance is more your style, has showrooms in 80 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, CA, 94941, USA

Shipping Policies

Every engagement ring from Sofia Jewelry is hand-crafted and quadruple-checked by diamond and jewelry experts to ensure the quality of a piece before it shipped via secure delivery methods.