What are Some Unique Wedding Ring Pairings?

Congratulations! You have ultimately met your life partner. Now it’s time to go and get the best wedding ring. And you must be worried about how to get Custom Engagement Rings in Mill Valley CA?

Some couples like to go to the jewelry shop together. But if you wish to bring in an element of amazement Buy Diamond Bands Rings Online. This summary will guide you a lot. You can move a step further and surprise her. Gift her the entirely unusual ring she has ever worn. Because it's your wedding band and it will enhance your bonding.

Instead of wandering here and there in Mill Valley Jewelry Stores browse the internet and search for the latest trend and design in wedding ring pairing. A sober, sophisticated, sleek, neatly-designed ring signified a simple band but there are other stunning collections as well. So let’s go through a few of the most gorgeous, sentimental band pairings one by one.

Unusual Combinations of Wedding Rings

 Blended Metals:

No one prefers to stick to single metal colors nowadays. This fashion also applies to earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and even wedding bands. The stylish bride loves a mixture of bright yellow gold, white gold or silver, and rose gold at a particular event. This tells you you’re not limited to selecting an identical match. So while you are going to select Men's Wedding Bands in Mill Valley, CA, keep certain things in mind, white gold rings and rose gold rings are created using alloys so avoid if your partner or you have allergies to metals.

Vintage and Engraved

Vintage-inspired antique wedding bands are both sentimental and romantic. They complete an engraved wedding band very well. You can engrave the outside or inside of the ring with something personal. These words must be very unique and touch your partner emotionally.

An Emerald ring with Baguette diamonds

A graceful emerald-cut engagement band has the right to pair with a stunning wedding band. Baguette diamonds match the emerald cuts flawlessly as they look similar but are more elongated and narrower. Once they are paired together, the lady gets a sophisticated yet modern look along with an unusual feeling of style. Narrowed baguettes are a trendy option amongst contemporary couples. We would say this is one of the most admired combinations while purchasing Wedding Rings for Women in Mill Valley CA.

An Asymmetric Cluster with Solitaire

What do you feel is a timeless classic amongst wedding bands? It is a diamond solitaire ring without any question. Most couples pair it with a traditional band but one can try something more unusual? Rather than a row of small diamonds lying below the solitaire, attempt with the style by putting a band of a cluster of tinier diamonds on any side. This pairing is best for a lady who isn’t anxious to tweak her unique style

Textured Metal

Punched metals are one of the recent most sought-after choices in both luxury and custom-made jewelry.

Triple Stacks

Many brides like the idea of stacked wedding rings. One fits below the engagement band, and the other exists on top of it.

An Interlocking design

An interlocking wedding band and engagement ring combination is one of the most creative designs. Manufacturing and buying this combination together guarantees a perfect fit. Encrusting the ring in pave diamonds completes the dazzling factor of the wedding band. One can also choose a simple gold or platinum ring that decreases the impact of the other diamonds.

Antique Ring, a family heirloom with special stones

If you wish to gift them one of the most emotional articles of jewelry they will ever wear, a family heirloom band is an absolute choice. You can take it to the next stage by adding meaningful stones to the wedding ring. Originality remembers no limits. You may even add your birthstones to the ring to get a look that’s more special for the partner who has it.


Marriages are very special and bands make weddings all the extra sentimental. You have to put your soul and heart into selecting the unique band for your spouse. We have magnified most of the probable band combinations in this post. You can moreover experiment with bands and invent something nicer. We wish you both a lovely future ahead! Let's help you, to design your dream wedding ring, visit sofiajewelry.com now.